Jeff joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe

You can start calling Mr. Goldblum “The Grandmaster…” or you can keep calling him Jeff. But he IS going to be The Grandmaster in the third Thor film Thor: Ragnarok and you best be expecting some great Goldlessons out of that film. The Grandmaster likes games. He’s also one of the elders or the universe. You might deduce that The Grandmaster … More Jeff joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe

That pesky old Big Brother has his eyes on you… probably…

Big Brother is watching… and he knows I haven’t finished reading the copy Nineteen Eighty-Four that I bought four years ago. I’m sorry, Big Brother, but I have this bad habit of starting books and not finishing them. Seriously. Here are all the books I’ve started and have yet to finish. Big Brother is watching… or he’s probably … More That pesky old Big Brother has his eyes on you… probably…

Jeff Goldblum and the real meaning behind shopping.

  There’s an old quote by an ancient astronaut philosopher that goes something like this: “It’s not  where you’re shopping or what you’re shopping for, it’s who you’re shopping with that really matters” Jeff demonstrated his belief in that last year during his shopping trip with Hyperbeast’s Kyle NG. The short adventure begins at Goldblum’s house where he is … More Jeff Goldblum and the real meaning behind shopping.

Great Goldblum! 

June 24, 2016. Put it in your calendars—A great Goldblum is coming. Independence Day 2: Resurgence will be hitting theatres that day and there are many Goldlessons to be learned. What they are is to be determined, but we can draw some conclusions from what we already know. Independence Day 2: Resurgence is a sequel. … More Great Goldblum! 

Supergold Sunday pt. 2

Just watch this before you even start reading: Super Gold Sunday Phenomenal, right? A Goldblum from the top drawer. You’ve got to keep movin’ on up. You see, when Jeff says “apartment,” he doesn’t really mean ‘apartment.’ He’s talking about you, about us. If we refer back to some of his older Goldlessons about materialism, Jeff is adamant … More Supergold Sunday pt. 2

Supergold Sunday

On February 7, 2016, about 114.4 million people will tune in to watch Super Bowl XXXXXXXQQ9 (or something like that). The Super Bowl is an event put on by ad companies to showcase their big wig ads (kinda like how there’s that rush of good films a few months before the Academy Awards). The NFL … More Supergold Sunday